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Q&A with Sarah Hobson, GCoE's 2020/21 Outstanding Senior

Sarah Hobson is a senior, double majoring in environmental engineering and global resources energy and minoring in German. She has completed multiple internships at the Eisenmann Corporation, National Science Foundation, the Wild Care Foundation and Oklahoma Water Survey, and is co-founder of Menstrual Mates, LLC. She is currently a peer learning assistant, a nationally certified tutor and peer learning mentor in Chemistry and German as well as an undergraduate researcher, while also volunteering at Wild Care and Gardens for Good. Gardens for Good is a project began by Sarah in March of 2020 after being sent back from Puebla, Mexico due to the pandemic. She builds gardens for individuals and families in the Norman and OKC communities, for free, to fight food insecurity and to empower individuals to grow their own food. During her senior year, Sarah has participated in both the Environmental Science Students Association and Sooner Engineers Without Borders as service chair. She is also