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TAP-YTL: A Transportation Experience in Germany - May 22-30, 2011

S. Gizem Aydin, a Ph.D. candidate in the School of Industrial Engineering at The University of Oklahoma, was one of 12 individuals selected to participate in the Translatlantic Program-Young Technology Leaders. Aydin’s strong background in transportation, specifically freight transport and her basic knowledge of the German language, made her a good candidate for the program. The group was comprised of both students and supply chain professionals, all of them sharing an interest in transportation. They enjoyed discussing differences and similarities in transportation systems in the United States and Germany. The delegation started in Frankfurt, traveled to Hamburg, Berlin, Duisburg, Leipzig and Karlsruhe, visiting state-of-the-practice transportation/logistics facilities along the way. They met with universities and state agencies. The group visited the Bundesnetzagentur, the German regulatory agency for utilities, telecommunications and transportation. Staff members of the Bunde