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University of Oklahoma engineering students bring eco-latrines to Ugandan school

Cate Lynn, a senior at the University of Oklahoma, and Chris Breazile, a civil engineering graduate student, spent most of June in Uganda, where they did development work. While there, the two worked on the construction of an eco-latrine, which turns human waste into compost. Read more:

OU School of Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering researchers grow blood vessels for use in heart bypass surgery

Fat stem cells from liposuction used to form functioning blood vessels By Loren Grush Published July 26, 2012 Liposuction may yield more than just a leaner figure – it can potentially produce stem cells for tissue reconstruction. Researchers from the University of Oklahoma, in Norman, Okla., have successfully extracted adult stem cells during liposuction and used them to generate healthy blood vessels. These newly formed blood vessels can be used in heart bypass surgery and other complicated procedures requiring healthy vessels, according to the researchers, who presented their findings at the American Heart Association’s Basic Cardiovascular Sciences 2012 Scientific Sessions. Read more:

You're Invited to Spend an Evening with Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe

An Evening with Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe (including the debut of a new film about her life) Thursday, August 23 6:00 p.m. reception 7:00 p.m. film / talk / Q&A Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History University of Oklahoma, Norman, Okla. Sr. Rosemary Nyirumbe is a CNN Hero, recognized for her humanitarian efforts to countless Ugandan girls  whom she has protected, a nemesis to the Lord’s Resistance Army (of Joseph Kony), a builder of schools for orphans, a teacher, tailor, and nurse, a Sister of the Sacred Heart of Jesus,  and a speaker of great joy and compassion! Sponsored by:  Pros for Africa, WaTER Center, OU School of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science, Sooners without Borders, OU College of Law and the OU College of Medicine           

OU engineering college to add new classes, faculty for radar lab

OU Daily By Dillon Phillips    |   July 26, 2012  The OU College of Engineering is adding new faculty members courses this fall to supplement the Atmospheric Radar Research Center’s new Radar Innovations Laboratory, slated for completion next fall. The college is adding four courses to its existing radar program. The courses will deal with synthetic processing with a synthetic aperture radar, advanced electromagnetic design, radio frequency circuit design and microwave circuits, research center director Robert Palmer said. The classes will be held in the electrical engineering department of the Devon Energy Center and the meteorology department of the National Weather Center, and the courses’ hands-on components will take place in the new lab once it's completed. New faculty members also will also be joining the college. Radar engineers Caleb Fulton, Nathan Goodman, Jessica Ruyle and Hjalti Sigmarsson all arrived in Norman with doctorates in elec