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Computer Science Programming Team Places First in Regional Competition

By Karen Kelly CoE External Relations Coordinator Pictured are senior computer science students (from the left) Caleb Eggensperger from Cabot, Ark.; computer science professor and team coach, Rex Page; Peter Reid from Sherwood, Ore. and Allen Smith from Austin, Texas. It's a first place win for the first time for these senior computer science majors. Team "OU A" competed in the 2010 Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) South Central USA regional programming contest. The competition consisted of 71 teams from Okla., Texas and La. Director of OU's School of Computer Science, Sridhar Radhakrishnan, said, "Our team was the only one to solve all eight problems. We still would have won without the final problem as we had the least completion time." Team "OU A" has been invited to compete in the ACM International Contest in Cairo, February 27 to March 4. Click here to view the competition scoreboard.

Path to creativity: Former aerospace engineer teaches how to explore imagination

By April Wilkerson The Journal Record Posted: Monday, November 1, 2010 Donna Shirley at her Tulsa home. Shirley was a pioneer in the United States’ space exploration, managing the Mars Exploration Program in the 1990s and helping put Pathfinder, Sojourner and other probes into space. (Rip Stell) TULSA – As the manager of the Mars Exploration Program in the 1990s, Donna Shirley learned a thing or two about leading highly intelligent people charged with sending groundbreaking technology into outer space. Today, Shirley has turned that experience into a book, Managing Creativity, and she operates a consulting firm to guide others on managing creative teams. Shirley, who lives in Tulsa, has been part of America’s and Oklahoma’s seminal moments in aerospace engineering and aerospace education, and she continues to leverage her experience and wit to make a difference. “A lot of people think creativity is about coming up with this great idea; that’s only part of it,” Shirley said. “Y