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OU Provides NSF Undergraduate Research Experience in Structural Biology for University Students Nationwide

--> Hunter Glover, University of Oklahoma      The National Science Foundation Undergraduate Research Program in Structural Biology at the University of Oklahoma provides a research experience for students who do not have a program available to them at their institutions. After completing a nine-week summer program on structural biology research, 10 students from universities across the nation presented research results during the Second Annual Curiosity to Creativity Summer Symposium on July 27, 2017, at the Stephenson Research and Technology Center on the OU Research Campus. “The REU students have really worked hard on their projects, and they have made good progress. We have ‘working lunches’ once a week and during these lunches, the students gain practice at presenting their work orally. Through these meetings, it has become abundantly clear that the students are fully engaged in their research projects and are enjoying this experience,” said OU Program Director

Rural Educators Engage in Bioanalytical Engineering Research and Teaching

Five science and mathematics teachers from rural schools in Oklahoma just completed the National Science Foundation-supported summer program at the University of Oklahoma’s Center for BioAnalysis. The program is designed to improve STEM teaching in rural classrooms and increase the number of rural students who select and successfully graduate from a higher education STEM field.     “Combining the teaching expertise of the high school teachers with the research expertise of the faculty creates a powerful synergism for producing innovative and dynamic science curricula that directly impact current issues pertinent to rural Oklahoman communities,” said Mark Nanny, director of the Rural Educators Program and professor of environmental science in the Gallogly College of Engineering. Oklahoma rural educators selected for the 2017 summer program include: Shawn Cusack, Northwestern Technology Center--Fairview; James Hall, Hydro-Eakly; Patrick King, Geary; David Martyn, Southwestern Ok

High school students build hands, bridges, drones at OU

This summer high school students from across Oklahoma traveled to the Gallogly College of Engineering at the University of Oklahoma to learn engineering concepts. But they didn’t spend their time only sitting in a classroom and listening to lectures. During Boeing Engineering Days, students built, created and coded many of the engineering feats they see and use every day. Read more .  From the Edmond Sun