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Computer Science students to present evaluation of oZone

Computer class evaluates oZONE for final project Kelsey Witten, Contributing Writer Friday, December 11, 2009 Computer science students will speak directly to the oZONE project team on behalf of nearly 1,000 opinionated students Monday during the class’ final exam period. Twenty-one students in Amy McGovern’s human and computer interaction class have been surveying and analyzing student and faculty opinions on OU’s oZONE Web site, which is the new hub of enrollment. The students will present their findings in front of McGovern and the oZONE team as their final project. “We were covering how you evaluate different user interfaces,” McGovern said of her class. “One of the major ways you do that is to get your user population in to do a survey. We were talking as a class about what we could evaluate and what would be interesting to them. Since oZONE just came out, it’s a very meaningful experience to [students] because everybody had to use it to enroll.” The class worked together to