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CEES Alumnus Cites "Learning How to Learn" as Essential to Career Success at NASA

Crawler Transporter (CT-1) inside the Vehicle Assembly Building, (VAB) HB-2 Jesse Berdis earned a bachelor of science degree in architectural engineering in the School of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science in 2011 and a master's degree in civil engineering in 2013. Berdis explains how his OU Engineering experience prepared him for his position as a structural engineer for NASA at the Florida Kennedy Space Center. Astronaut Training "The most pronounced skill that OU engineering provided was teaching me to learn how to learn. Of course, OU provided the technical essentials required to receive an engineering degree in structure; how to identify W-sections in the AISC code book, or how to determine the edge thickness of concrete when rebar is present, I learned how to calculate the required pre-tensioned stress and camber in pre-stressed concrete forms, and the recommended ratio of concrete mixtures in different applications. I had the foundation o