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OU Research Team Receives NIH Grant to Facilitate Innovative Technique that Enhances Breast Cancer Detection

An innovative technique that enhances breast cancer detection while reducing radiation dose has been proposed by a University of Oklahoma research team.   In response, the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health has awarded a $3 million grant to the OU team to facilitate the technique, which includes building a patient imaging system and conducting preclinical evaluations and Phase I clinical trials. The grant was awarded to a research team led by Hong Liu, professor of electrical and computer engineering in the OU College of Engineering, to translate a specific phase-sensitive X-ray technique to clinical practice to reduce radiation dose and imprliuove accuracy in breast cancer diagnosis.   Liu is also a member of the Stephenson Cancer Center, located at the OU Health Sciences Center. “This technique can greatly enhance tissue contrast and significantly reduce radiation dose as compared to current methods,” says Liu.   “The leaders