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Engineering college camp gives high school students hands-on experience

by Nathan Robertson    |   June 18, 2012 OU Daily   OU engineering students and faculty collaborated with British Petroleum to host more than 50 high school students from across the state in summer engineering camps last week on campus. The two camps, BP Discovering Engineering Via Adventure in Science for girls and BP Engineering Academy for boys, were exposed to several different programs. Adam Mitchell, an electrical engineering senior who helped with the electrical engineering presentation, said the camps expose high school students to the engineering programs OU offers. “It’s about showing people engineering has a bunch of shapes and forms,” Mitchell said. Research shows simply exposing teens to engineering doubles career interest in the field, Mitchell said. BP camps strive to expose students to diverse areas of the field and excite them for their future, he said. “They’re building an entire laser-tag system based on schematics we gave them,”

Gender gap persists in Oklahoma’s engineering schools

Oklahoman reporter Silas Allen recently reported bridging the gender gap in engineering enrollment. He interviewed OU College of Engineering student Morgan Weatherspoon. When Morgan Weatherspoon sits in class, it’s obvious she’s in the minority. Weatherspoon, a chemical engineering major at the University of Oklahoma, is enrolled in a summer course at OU. Out of a class of about 30 people, Weatherspoon can count on one hand the number of other women in the class. Read More: