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2 OU Engineering Graduate Students Receive Top Honors

Two of three graduate students receiving the Outstanding Graduate Student Award from the OU Graduate Student Senate hail from the Gallogy College of Engineering. Nicholas Shepherd, of the School of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science, was named the Overall Outstanding Graduate Student for the 2021-2022 academic year. He is a member of the OU Center for Restoration of Ecosystems and Watersheds (CREW) conducting research on watershed biogeochemistry and ecological engineering. His studies revolve around mine drainage at the Tar Creek Superfund Site ranging from the physical and chemical characterization of mine drainage to the biological impacts on receiving aquatic ecosystems. He has spent over a decade conducting research at the Tar Creek Superfund Site beginning in high school. Chen Wang, of the Stephenson School of Biomedical Engineering, was named the Outstanding Graduate Research Assistant for the 2021-2022 year. He is a Ph.D. candidate with research that focuses on applyin

OU Biomedical Engineering Students Develop Shake-Canceling Spoon

Eating can be an upsetting and humiliating ordeal for people whose hands shake uncontrollably due to Parkinson’s disease or a tremor disorder. Four biomedical engineering students at the University of Oklahoma hope that their invention will help those diagnosed with these illnesses.  Their invention is called SteadiSpoon, a self-stabilizing eating utensil that helps Parkinson’s and essential tremor patients to feed themselves despite hand tremors, says Jacob Nichols, of Ardmore, Oklahoma.  “Our team designed SteadiSpoon to empower people with tremors to regain the agency, autonomy and dignity that comes from feeding oneself. Unlike other devices, the SteadiSpoon is self-stabilizing and does not require batteries,” Nichols said. “With the help of the Center for Human Performance Measurement at the OU Health Sciences Center, we determined that our device performs on par with the best existing solutions, making it the most affordable device in its class by far.” In April, Nichols and Andr

OU Engineering Researchers: Climate Models Show Increase in Flash Flooding

The latest U.N. report on climate change documenting researchers’ efforts shows that some measures of global warming are unavoidable. Current research efforts now focus on mitigation and adaptation strategies.  NASA describes this as a worldwide problem that is felt on local scales. Likewise, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration researchers are providing the data, tools and information to better understand and prepare for climate change. One of the effects being impacted by the warming climate is a change in the frequency of flash flooding events, as well as the locations in which they most often occur. A research team led by OU with the NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory and collaborators at the National Center for Atmospheric Research have created simulations from coupled climate and hydrologic models that demonstrate widespread increases in the occurrences of flash flooding events across most of the United States.  The study is led by Yang Hong (top photo), a professo

OU Engineering Staff Recognized by University of Oklahoma and Beyond

Staff in the Gallogly College of Engineering have received various recognition, both on the university campus and beyond.   Gallogly College of Engineering staff awards include: OU Distinguished Performance Award:  Kristi Boren, Executive Assistant to John Klier, GCoE Dean GCOE Superior Staff Award:  Terri Colliver, Dean's Office Financial Associate GCOE Pursuit of Excellence Award: Billy Mays, AME Shop Supervisor Oklahoma College Public Relations Association Talley Rising Star Award : Margarita Rodriguez, Graphic Designer The  Journal Record's 2021 Achievers Under 40 Recognition : Lexi Skaggs, Senior Advancement Officer for GCOE serving ECE and SBME 20 Years of Service Recognition : Madena McGinnis, CBME Undergraduate Programs Coordinator and Scholarships Molly Smith, CEES Administrative Assistant 15 Years of Service Recognition: Holly Chronister, Dean's Office Financial Associate Rodney Keele, ECE Assistant Director Trinia Pearson, Dean's Office Financial Associ

OU Engineering Students Celebrated at 2022 Campus Awards

Student recipients of the 2022 Campus Awards were recognized during a ceremony on April 8, 2022. The awards are coordinated each spring by the Office of Leadership and Volunteerism at the University of Oklahoma. Two engineering students received three awards: Esther Kayondo (top photo) in the School of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science with Joseph Harroz Jr., OU president; and Emmy Francek (shown on left in second photo) , Stephenson School of Biomedical Engineering with Randa Shehab, senior associate dean for academic affairs and faculty development for the Gallogly College of Engineering . Congratulations to each engineering student who was recognized!  Click here to view or listen to the awards ceremony. Photos may be downloaded here . Photo gallery password is ouphoto2022 Honorees are listed below by school: School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering: Praise Anyiam, President's Award for Outstanding Sophomores Alene Basmadjian, Outstanding Greek Seniors Brendon