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Rocket to glory: Exhibit honors X-15 pilot

 Forty years after the X-15 crash that took his life, an OU graduate is being honored in an exhibit at the Aerospace Museum of California.  George Adams of Sacramento is on hand as the Aerospace Museum of California unveils an exhibit about Air Force Maj. Michael J. Adams and the X-15 rocket plane. "He liked more action," George Adams said of his brother. "He was never one to sit behind a desk." Forty years ago, a Sacramento native was making his hometown proud, flying what the wire services called the X-15 rocket ship. He was slipping the surly bonds of Earth in April 1967, press accounts said, by making his first flight to the "fringes of space." Around early November that year, Air Force Maj. Michael J. Adams was back home fishing in Folsom Lake with a boyhood chum. The outdoors, like flight, was a passion. Two weeks later, on Nov. 15, 1967, the graduate of Sacramento High School made his seventh flight in an X-15 rocket-powered plane. The 37-year-old f