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Pure Intentions

Published March 11, 2010 Dionne Buxton/The Daily Give a Bolivian family a pack of water — $5. Clean their entire irrigation system from 800 years of silver contamination — priceless. The OU Engineers Without Borders chapter is planning a trip to Potosi, Bolivia, to help improve the region’s water system, said Robert Knox, adviser to the organization. “Engineers Without Borders is a nationwide organization,” Knox said. “Our purpose is to take knowledge to these under-developed counties, and help with problems of water and sanitation.” Engineers Without Borders is an organization that partners with disadvantaged communities to improve quality of life, while at the same time developing internationally responsible engineering students. “We apply engineering skills first hand to innovative projects,” said Diana Lucero, architectural engineering junior and organization president. The group will travel to Bolivia to install open limestone channels, which will remove iron