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OU Radar Team Developing New Technologies for U.S. Navy Next-Generation Radar Systems

Nathan Goodman A University of Oklahoma Advanced Radar Research Center team is developing new antenna and related technologies for U.S. Navy next-generation radar systems with a two-year, $3.5 million grant from the U.S. Department of Defense, Office of Naval Research. The ARRC research and development program under way is designed to improve the agility and multi-functionality of radio frequency sensors and communication systems, while enabling future implementation on a variety of surfaces and platforms. “The ARRC team is developing agile sensors that can effectively maneuver in frequency and space while retaining the ability to avoid and cancel interference,” said Nathan Goodman, director of research at the ARRC and professor in the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Gallogly College of Engineering. “Multi-function capability will also reduce the number of individual systems needed during deployment, improving mobility and operational agility. Our tunable, integra

EATIN - A Place Where Engineering Meets Service

  By Lea Morisato Industrial and Systems Engineering Senior When I was a freshman, there were several technical engineering organizations that I could join, but I had to go to other areas in the university to find a community service group. As engineering students, many of us are constantly strapped for time; thus, the organizations we participate in are typically those where we can refine our skills. It was not until my sophomore year that one of my professors, Dr. Randa Shehab, put out a call for a group of students to resurrect an organization that had previously worked with the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. I joined as an officer and after one volunteering session, I thought that as engineers, there is more we can do to help our community. The next semester, I became president of the organization with the goal of promoting healthy growth and blending community service with technical aspects in order to make one club that could satisfy several needs, both for the student vo

OU Engineering Senior Wins Grand Prize at 2018 Research Day at the Capitol

A University of Oklahoma Mechanical Engineering Senior in the Accelerated Bachelor and Master of Science program, Devin W. Laurence, is the Grand Prize winner at the 2018 Research Day at the Capitol, sponsored by the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education, Oklahoma Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research and National Science Foundation. Laurence was one of 23 undergraduate student researchers who presented poster presentations based on a technical abstract and five-minute presentation for review and evaluation by a panel of EPSCoR-appointed judges. “Congratulations to Devin on his outstanding achievement. What a great success from our student representing cardiovascular biomechanics research at OU,” said Chung-Hao Lee, master’s thesis advisor and assistant professor in the School of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering, Gallogly College of Engineering. “Laurence presented, ‘An Integrated Experimental-Computational Approach for Multiscale Investigations of Atriovent