Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Nollert Honored with 2014 Teaching Scholars Award

Matthias U. Nollert, associate professor in the School of Chemical, Biological and Materials Engineering at the University of Oklahoma, was honored with the 2014 Teaching Scholars Award on October 31.

The recognition rewards Nollert for his exemplary dedication to students, teaching, and the scholarship of teaching, and comes with a $1,500 cash award. In addition to his demonstrated excellence in teaching, Nollert also helps others become more effective teachers.

According to Brian Grady, director of CBME, Nollert deserves this award for several reasons: excellent teaching evaluations, engagement with students and his efforts to secure a grant to enhance authentic research experiences for educators.

Grady further noted the largest and most in demand graduate-level elective course, Bioengineering Principles, taught by Nollert. “The high demand for this class is both because of the material covered, but also specifically because of Dr. Nollert’s reputation as a teacher,” Grady said.

Goldwater Scholar and 2013 CBME alumnus, Eddie Shimp recalled “His sense of humor and method of encouraging discussion on topics helped further the understanding of the material in a way that simply lecturing from a book or a PowerPoint slide could not.” Shimp is a product development engineer for Immuno-Mycologics, Inc. in Norman and adjuncts at Oklahoma City Community College where Nollert’s influence continues to be felt. “I could not be the teacher I am without having been his student,” said Shimp.

Nollert has been investing in students at OU for more than 16 years. Learn more.

Members of the Teaching Scholars Initiative committee accept and review nominations of qualified College of Engineering faculty members.

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